Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

City of many faces

Bremen, the hanseatic city on the Weser, was formed by 1.200 years of tradition and is very cosmopolitan. The old trading town with its historic center in the area of the marketplace gives off the flair of an young and open metropolis. We bremish people also call our town „village with a tram”. Indeed Bremen is the 10th biggest city in Germany.
Unmistakable landmarks are the town-hall, the Shnoor-the oldest part of Bremen, the unusual architecture of the traditional Böttcherstreet, the cathedral or the dignified sculpture of the Roland on the historical marketplace.
For helping you to see the most important objects of interest a special map was created. 2000 nails made of brass and steal guide you from the Liebfrauen-Kirchhof over the marketplace and the Schnoor to the Böttcherstreet. Therefore it is called nailstreet.

The musician of Bremen, a bronze sculpture made by Gerhard Marcks is positioned on the west side of the town-hall. The myth of the legendary figures is known worldwide and thanks to the brothers Grimm it is as closely connected to Bremen as the town-hall and the Roland. By the way, it is considered lucky to touch the legs of the donkey. If you do it right you even have a free wish. You have to scrub both legs of the donkey with both hands. In case of taking just one hand the bremisch people say two donkeys says hallo to each other.

Town-hall and Roland, both over 600 yaers old belong since 2004 to the UNESCO world culture heritage. Both overcame centuries undamaged and are originals. The Town-hall impresses with it´s picturesque façade in the stile of the Weser-Renaissance, meanwile the Roland, a symbol of freedom, is watching over the marketplace.
His look is consciously toward the cathedral to confirm the power of the merchants.
A few years back the people remembered they are living next to a river so they build the new promenade „Schlachte“. In the summer there is a hustle and bustle. From May till September every Saturday the Kajenmarket and in November and December the „Winterzauber” take place.

Bremen is always worth a visit. Find out for yourself and stay in the following Hotels. We are looking forward to see you!